Building a High Trust Team

Building a High Trust Team

Build maximum trust in your team and organisation

The new way of working has become a reality. You work with people on location but also at home. Some colleagues you may have never met 'in person'. Other, trusted people you may only see a few times a month.

How will you build maximum trust in your team and organisation? Both physically and online? How do you ensure that people develop self-solving and self-management skills. How do you avoid 'solo smart'? How do you ensure a safe and trusted environment; a 'High Trust Environment'?

What will you learn?

In this session, you will learn how to redirect and encourage people to work on problems themselves. Using a number of conditions, principles and techniques, you will learn to:

  • recognise problem signals quickly;
  • communicate openly, transparently and respectfully;
  • the basic conditions for sustainable cooperation;
  • shift gears in your leadership role and
  • work more self-directed using a number of conditions and techniques.

Using several examples, we illustrate the outcomes: sustainable cooperation and trust, more time savings, higher efficiency and better results.

Experiential Learning at The House of Coaching

The House of Coaching stands for experiential learning. As a participant, you continuously engage with theory through practical, experiential exercises that teach you to apply your skills in real situations. We facilitate the learning process through maximum interaction and sharing of experiences. That's learning that really sticks!

Building a High Trust Team

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