Créez votre assistant IA
Build your AI assistant

Build your AI assistant

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Artificial Intelligence is changing the world, but for many it remains an elusive black box of complex possibilities and untapped potential. This can lead to a sense of overwhelm and the fear of being left behind in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Imagine if you had the control to use this powerful technology for your daily tasks, to optimise your workflow and increase productivity. How many opportunities are you missing by not being fully equipped to use AI effectively?

Our workshop 'Build your AI assistant' is just what you need. We guide you through the essential steps to make AI accessible and applicable, tailored directly to your own needs. After our practical, hands-on sessions, you will not only understand how AI works, but also have developed your own AI assistant, ready to transform your productivity.

What will you take away?

Deep insight into what AI can do for you

Learn the fundamentals of how AI works, specifically how it can be applied to support your work processes. We demystify the technology so that you not only use what you have learned, but also understand why it works.Your personal AI assistant

At the end of our workshop, you not only have theoretical knowledge; you have your own AI assistant, tailored to take over tasks from your daily workload.For specific tasks

We'll teach you how to assign specific tasks to your AI assistant. Whether it's writing emails, processing large amounts of information, or automating recurring tasks, your assistant is trained to perform them very efficiently.Mobility and flexibility

Take your AI assistant with you wherever you go. Whether you work from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, your assistant is always accessible to help you, no matter where you are.Interactive communication

Learn how to communicate effectively with your AI assistant. We'll make sure you can not only give commands, but also talk to your assistant, giving you a more natural and intuitive interaction.


This workshop is not an ordinary demonstration of capabilities, but an interactive, hands-on experience where you configure your own AI assistant step by step. Not only will you learn the essential skills to set up an AI assistant, but you will also test your assistant immediately by assigning concrete tasks. As you work, you exchange experiences and receive valuable feedback from other participants, enriching the learning process and improving the effectiveness of your assistant.

Register now and get exclusive access to our library of useful AI instruction sets!

After the workshop, you will receive free access to our AI library. Moreover, you can ask questions and get further guidance on refining and optimising your AI assistant via our online community. This is your chance to deepen the skills you have learned and take your personal AI assistant to the next level with the support of experts.

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