Steff Vanhaverbeke

Steff Vanhaverbeke

A certified business coach, trainer and facilitator, Steff Vanhaverbeke encourages people to develop ways of working that are indispensable in an increasingly fast-changing world. She s been providing training in 21st Century Skills with a focus on digital skills, communication skills and thinking skills since 1997. Her extensive experience as a coach, trainer and facilitator manifests itself in a great flexibility towards working methods to leave a lasting impact with any group.

As an entrepreneur, Steff has already built numerous initiatives into successful ventures. She currently holds an executive role in the following organisations: The House of Coaching, Breinpiraten (Brain Pirates), Marsmannen (Martians) and CS Workx.

Steff is also co-author of the books:

  • "Facilitating is a game", 2024
  • "Talent Works!", 2012, Universitas.
  • "Game breakers, from collaborating to working together", 2018, Universitas.

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