Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Communicate effectively and decisively

You hear it again and again in every organisation: "Something is lacking in our communication". Communicating... we do it all the time but that does not make us experts. Often we don't find the time, we don't prepare very well, we postpone it or... we assume we don't need to communicate something.

In all these cases, we hinder transparency, trust, cooperation, efficiency. How can you ensure that you become an effective communicator? Someone known for impeccable, inviting and inspiring communication?

Four cornerstones

This programme introduces you to the four cornerstones of effective communication:

  • Emotionally intelligent communication
    Start from your target audience. Empathise. Tune your communication. Connect.
  • Goal-oriented communication
    What effect do you want to achieve? Define your strategy. Be concise.
  • Narrative communication
    Take your interlocutor or audience with you. Structure your message. Inspire and motivate.
  • Systemic communication
    Define the setting. Choose your media. Provide structure. Create a stimulating environment.

What do you take away?

In this interactive training you start from the basic principles of communication, which are rooted in systems theory, and very quickly apply them practically in your context.

  • You get a deep insight into the basic principles of communication
  • You learn why certain communication styles simply do not work well
  • You learn to structure your ideas to get to the essence quickly
  • You learn to deal with emotional and intellectual resistance
  • You learn to use stories as carriers of knowledge and information but also as sources of inspiration
  • You learn how powerful messages can attract people and set them in motion
  • You get concrete tools and tips to support and enrich your communication

Experiential Learning at The House of Coaching

The House of Coaching stands for experiential learning. As a participant, you continuously engage with theory through practical, experiential exercises that teach you to apply your skills in real situations. We facilitate the learning process through maximum interaction and sharing of experiences. That's learning that really sticks!

Effective Communication

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