NLP Practitioner @ Process Delight
NLP Practitioner @ Process Delight

NLP Practitioner @ Process Delight

Develop advanced People Skills with NLP

Imagine this; you stand in front of a group and feel the critical eyes piercing. Your latest project is a ground-breaking innovation that could redefine your industry. But as you look around, you sense that something is missing. The atmosphere is loaded with questions, unspoken but palpable.

You are the hero of your own professional story, armed with technical skills that many can only dream of. But even heroes face challenges they cannot overcome alone. That's where we come in.

Developing People Skills with NLP

This programme is designed to fill in the gaps, to give you the missing pieces of the puzzle. Through a mix of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), you will discover new dimensions of professional and personal growth.

Learning objectives

  • Increase your presentation skills to captivate any audience
  • Master the art of communicating and influencing without feeling like a salesperson
  • Build meaningful relationships through empathy and active listeningLearn effective coaching techniques to bring out the best in yourself and others
  • Resolve conflicts with grace and turn them into business opportunities
  • Effectively collaborate with clients and colleagues and lead with emotional intelligence

Training programme

Unlock your full potential with our blended learning approach. This programme combines the flexibility of online training videos with the interactive experience of 16 four-hour 'live' workshops. In addition, you benefit from one-to-one coaching to personalise your learning journey. The final module is a certification process where you can showcase your newly acquired skills.

Awareness of self and others

  • With NLP, discover how people think.
  • Learn to calibrate cognitive patterns and preferences using verbal and non-verbal cues.
  • Learn techniques to align with these preferences and build rapport.
  • Improve the quality of your perception.
  • Discover particularly effective and empowering principles for communication, decision-making, goals and interactions with other people.
  • Integrate your abilities to think, feel and act.
  • Ensure alignment at all logical levels: environment, behaviour, competencies, values, beliefs, identity and meaning.

Emotional intelligence

  • Learn to empathise with various perceptual positions.
  • Take conscious mental and emotional distance from difficult or traumatic experiences.
  • Discover the power of mental, emotional '' and learn how to influence it.
  • Develop powerful mental and emotional '' yourself for , presence and charisma.
  • Build in emotional triggers using anchoring and other conditioning techniques. 
  • Connect, deepen and integrate them through conversational and coaching techniques.
  • Learn to formulate goals and desired outcomes well.
  • Stimulate intrensic motivation and give direction to it in yourself and others.
  • Invoke targeted resource states to transcend barriers and realise desired outcomes.

Language and thinking strategies

  • Discover the (unconscious) depth structure in language.
  • Learn to intercept cognitive errors using the neurolinguistic Meta Model.
  • Frame and reframe limiting statements.Learn first steps to model patterns of success.
  • Use successful strategies for learning and change such as the Disney Strategy.

Leadership, integrity, conflict and dilemmas

  • Cultivate healthy interpersonal boundaries.
  • Cultivate authentic, high integrity.
  • Learn non-violent communication.
  • Learn to coach and mediate in conflict.
  • Deal more effectively with your own conflict situations.
  • Learn to coach people struggling with dilemmas (internal conflicts).
  • Coach using timelines.

Integration and certification

  • Integrate your newly acquired NLP insights and techniques and learn to apply them in velerij situations.
  • You will receive feedback on your own NLP skills.
  • After a successful demonstration, you will receive your NLP Practitioner certificate!

Evidence-Based & Cutting-Edge

All training material is developed on the basis of evidence-based research and the latest developments in neurocognitive and social sciences. You don't just learn; you learn from the best and most up-to-date knowledge available.

Internationally recognised certification

The final step in your journey is the certification process. Upon successful completion of the training programme and certification evaluation, you will receive an internationally recognised "NLP Practitioner" certificate.

Experiential learning with The House of Coaching

We stand for experiential learning. As a participant, you continuously engage with the theory through practical, hands-on exercises. We facilitate the learning process by maximising interaction and sharing experiences. That's learning that really sticks!

In cooperation with Process Delight

Process Delight offers digitisation on a human scale and specialises in optimising work environments. We aim to empower people through digital comfort to become the indispensable success factors in the business world. From multinationals to SMEs, we listen to our customer's needs and transform them into sustainable solutions.

Location: DigiKOT

DigiKOT is the ideal place for co-working and professional events such as meetings, coaching, training and networking events! Located on the former Henkel site in Herent near Leuven, DigiKOT offers a perfectly accessible location, whether you come by public transport or car. We offer the opportunity to collaborate and network in an inspiring and strategically located environment.

Planning: Flex Pathway

This is a 'Flex trajectory'. The training consists of 16 sessions that are flexibly scheduled as half-days, evenings and/or full days. Scheduling is done by mutual agreement with all participants at the start time. See below for start dates.

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