Authentic Communication
Authentic Communication

Authentic Communication

Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month

Do you sometimes feel you can't quite be yourself in conversations? In today's fast-paced and often superficial world of communication, staying authentic is a challenge. This can lead to misunderstandings and relationships that don't go as deep as they could.

Discover the power of your real self

But imagine if you could truly be yourself in every interaction. How would that change your relationships and influence on others? Our Skill Sprint 'Authentic Communicating' is your chance to develop these skills.

Learning objectives

  • Be and remain authentic in any situation.
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Increase your circle of influence.


  • Communication loop: Understanding and applying effective communication strategies.
  • From Communication to Trust: Building trust and respect through real conversations.
  • Active Listening and Rapport: Develop listening skills and build a strong connection.
  • Associated vs dissociated communication: Experience the difference when you are completely yourself.

Experiential learning at The House of Coaching

At The House of Coaching, we stand for learning by doing. Our Skill Sprints are interactive, hands-on and designed to bring about real change. You get not only knowledge, but also the tools to put it into practice.

Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month Skill Sprint

This Skill Sprint is being organised once as part of our special 'Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month' at The House of Coaching. A month full of learning experiences aimed at empowering your leadership skills and talents. This unique online workshop is an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking to strengthen their leadership and communication skills.

So seize this opportunity to refine your communication skills and become more authentic in your communication.

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