Advanced Presentation Skills

Advanced Presentation Skills

Learn to present with impact

This workshop is designed for people who want to refine their presentation techniques and increase their impact with their audience. The workshop is highly interactive, with plenty of room for your own input on questions and situations you face yourself. Using numerous exercises, you will learn to put the principles and techniques into practice straight away. This will allow you to get straight to work after the workshop!

Learning objectives:

  • How do I adapt my content according to target audience?
  • How do I give a session to an audience where levels can vary?
  • How to make a session interactive?
  • How do I ensure a high energy level with the audience?
  • How to prepare a session efficiently?
  • How do I best prepare both didactically and charismatically?


  • Your role as a trainer/presenter
  • Development of an empowering mindset
  • Importance of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Building rapport with whole group
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Three-Point-Attention
  • 'Game' techniques for stimulating interaction and participation
  • Presentation diamond
  • Visual storytelling techniques

This interactive training course is peppered with numerous exercises. Participants are thus encouraged to put the principles and techniques taught into practice themselves. They also receive feedback from both the trainer and the other participants. This way, people learn from their own experience as well as from the observation of others.

Experiential Learning at The House of Coaching

The House of Coaching stands for experiential learning. As a participant, you continuously engage with theory through practical, experiential exercises that teach you to apply your skills in real situations. We facilitate the learning process through maximum interaction and sharing of experiences. That's learning that really sticks!

Advanced Presentation Skills

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