Creativiteit en innovatie stimuleren als Research & Development Manager
Innovating research and development with Neuroscience

NBT for Research & Development managers

Innovating research and development with Neuroscience

As a Research and Development Manager, you play a pivotal role in spearheading innovation and driving your organization's progress. The challenge lies in nurturing creativity, managing complex projects, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Neuroscience-based techniques (NBTs) can provide you with unique tools to enhance these aspects of your role.

Learning Objectives:

You will learn:

  1. How to apply NBTs to foster creativity and innovation in R&D teams.
  2. Techniques to improve focus and cognitive flexibility in complex project management.
  3. Strategies to enhance learning and memory retention within your team.


  • General Concept: Introduction to the application of NBTs in R&D management, focusing on the neuroscience behind innovation, creativity, and complex problem-solving.
  • Exploring Typical Challenges: Identifying common challenges in R&D such as managing creative processes, maintaining team motivation, and handling high-stress projects.
  • Mapping NBTs to Cope with Challenges: Practical application of NBTs in these areas, including enhancing creative thinking, improving cognitive agility, and managing stress effectively.
  • Practical Examples: Interactive sessions and case studies demonstrating the successful application of NBTs in R&D settings.
  • Conclusion and Take-Aways: Summarizing key NBT strategies and tools for R&D managers, with a focus on driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge.

Experiential Learning at The House of Coaching:

At The House of Coaching, we offer a distinctive learning experience that goes beyond traditional training methods. Our approach emphasizes experiential learning, ensuring you not only understand NBT concepts but can also apply them effectively in your R&D management role. Our sessions are interactive, engaging, and tailored to meet the unique challenges you face in research and development.

Skill Sprint:

The Skill Sprint is an intensive learning journey, designed to give you insights into how neuroscience can revolutionize your approach to R&D management. This program is more than just training; it's an opportunity to transform how you lead and manage innovation, leveraging the latest in neuroscience research.


Are you ready to harness the power of neuroscience to drive innovation in your R&D team? Join our next Skill Sprint and start implementing cutting-edge techniques to take your team's creativity and productivity to the next level. Register now and embark on a journey to becoming a more effective and innovative R&D manager.

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