Conflict Management
Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month Skill Sprint

Conflicts we would often rather lose them than have them.  And yet they are often the source of  creativity and therefore have an empowering effect.  In this skill sprint, we will explore together strategies and techniques for conflict management and resolution. 


  • A conflict is an outside can
  • Causes of conflict,
  • Conflict styles
  • Achieving win-win solutions.

Learning objectives

After this Skill Sprint, you will be able to effectively recognise and understand conflicts within your team  and address conflict  in a solution-oriented way;

Experiential learning at The House of Coaching

At The House of Coaching, we stand for learning by doing. Our Skill Sprints are interactive, hands-on and designed to bring about real change. You get not only knowledge, but also the tools to put it into practice.

Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month Skill Sprint

This Skill Sprint is being organised once as part of our special 'Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month' at The House of Coaching. A month full of learning experiences aimed at empowering your leadership skills and talents. This unique online workshop is an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking to strengthen their leadership and communication skills.

So sign up for this Skill Sprint immediately and become a master at turning conflict into opportunity.

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